Euroexam was launched in the year when the Common European Framework was first published.

In 2001, Euroexam became the first exam board to provide tests directly based on the CEFR ‘Can do’ scales.

In 2011, Euroexam e-learning services was awarded the European Language Label of the European Commission; thus – uniquely – the Euroexam became a two-time winner of this highly-esteemed award.

The first sitting of the Euroexam took place in 2001 with 105 candidates, and, by the end of 2015, the annual number of people taking the Euroexams had reached 20,000 across Europe.

In 2005, Euroexam partnered with the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain and IH Madrid to jointly administer the EuroPro exams in Spain, with the EuroPro exams replacing the Chamber’s own English language examination system.

Today, seven times a year, the Euroexams are offered through a network of 85 local testing centres across Europe at language schools, secondary schools and university departments.

In 2015, the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe invited Euroexams and other leading institutions with documented expertise to participate in the “Illustrative Reading & Listening test tasks and items related to the CEFR” project. This project is a follow-up of development work which started in 2004 to facilitate the standardisation process for reading and listening tasks.

The Euroexam Centre is a member of EALTA, the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment.

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